Our Clients

Our clients are what make Code Genie great! We work with a wide range of people, and find we don’t need to advertise as our clients recommend our services. This always makes us happy, as we love to know what our clients think of us. These people have all used us for websites and virtual CTO services.

Online Engineering

Precision CNC Machining, creating bespoke parts. A precision engineering firm based in Gloucestershire, we’re happy to provide IT support as well as a nice new website.


Warehouse Fitness

A lovely new gym that empowers personal trainers to be able to book gym space without any extra commitments. We’ve made them a website with the ability for trainers to book gym space online.


Carers Partnership

A commissioned service of four local charities, offering support to those who provide care to a child or adult family member. We made a new website for them, and continue to provide website support.



Alloy wheel repairs in Reading, why replace your scuffed alloys when then can be expertly repaired? We created their website, and continue to provide IT support.


Decor Creator

Inspirational interior design app, a fun game where you can redecorate and win challenges, vote on designs and enjoy interior design. We created their website, and continue to provide testing and support for their business.


St Nicolas Church

A church and community centre that provides a community hub for all. St Nics were looking to update their old website, so we provided a nice simple re-design.


Odd Bindings

Beautiful handmade notebooks, journals and photo albums…They needed an online shop to sell their lovely products, so we created a webshop for them.


Berkshire Dual Control Car Hire

Hire cars for driving instructors! Perfect when their car is out of action to keep them earning. We made their website for them, and continue to provide support.



The corporate arm of Decor Creator, they needed a website, so we were happy to create one for them.


Albatross Diving Club

Readings Diving Club Nurturing National Champions. We created a new website for them.



A London based media and communications consultancy specialising in Beauty PR, Medical Aesthetics PR and Health & Wellness PR. We take care of their website.


Always Pass Driving School

Expert driving instructors in Reading, Berkshire. We created their website and provide IT support when needed.




Religious education sessions on christian topics for all children. Helping and supporting our local school. We made a new website for them, and are always available with support.


Kim Driver Training

Driver training for HGV/LGV, minibus, cars with trailers, ambulances and more! We created their website with online shop.



An empowering charity helping the people of Reading. We love helping local charities, so we were happy to help them with a new website.


Academy Windows

Local suppliers of new windows, doors and conservatories. Providing a friendly, no hassle service. We created a new website for Academy.



A group of professional driving instructors in Berkshire. We made a new website for them.


Mammoth Self Storage

Self storage for everything! From cars to documents Mammoth can help you to store your belongings safely. We created a new website, and continue to provide support for their business.


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