We are pleased to announce that we have a new member of the Code Genie team starting this summer. Michael has worked with us on a few small projects, and will be  joining us part time this summer. It will be great to have a school-leaver on board with his youth and energy to help to drive our team forward. He has some programming skills, so it will be a mutually beneficial experience as he can extend his knowledge.

It’s a good job we have another pair of hands on board as we have been very busy, and Malcolm is just about to jet off to Dubai for a project we have happening out there. He’s the best man for the job as he can write an incredible system for them, and we have no doubt that he can do the work to a very high standard. I do have doubts about sending the most important member of the team, who also happens to have red hair and very fair skin to a country where it’s currently above 40 degrees C in the shade…we might regret this! I’m sure he will have a good time, and build up some good working relationships whilst he’s there, which we all know is important. There are already plans to go and play golf at night at one of the flood lit golf courses, as he will be safer outside when it’s dark (it might save on the amount of sunblock he’ll need!). I can’t imagine wanting to play golf at night in this country (I’m imagining it wouldn’t be the same experience with the rain and urban foxes for company), but since my golf skills run to a bit of crazy golf at the sea side I’m not really qualified to comment!