Buy Refurbished

If you need a laptop or computer check out our pre loved items. Go green and get a bargain! Everything is refurbished and cleaned by us. All items are collection only from Reading, Berkshire

Reuse, Refurbish, Donate!

We will always try to stop computer equipment going to landfill, a lot of tech that is thrown away could have a second life if it’s repaired or refurbished. When equipment is donated to us we fully refurbish and data cleanse, so you can be sure your information is safe.

The computers in our shop are a small sample of the tech that has been donated to us, these pay for our time and parts needed for the tech that we donate to local charities. The rest of the laptops we are given go to local charities, at no cost to them. So by donating unwanted items you are being green and helping good causes.




Recently Donated

The products below were kindly donated to us. We have refurbished them and donated to good causes locally.

refurbished computer

A Lenovo Thinkpad T530 subjected to a mild refurbish with new operating system installation and a general hardware check. Updated to Windows10 Pro 64 bit, fully activated and therefore compliance rated.

refurbished laptops

Three more laptops that will help people that have recently arrived in the UK.

refurbished tech

A desk top computer that was donated, refurbished and donated all in the space of one day!

Saving Landfill

We love saving tech from landfill, so were happy when one of our clients was clearing a warehouse and was going to throw away several boxes of power supplies. We’ve taken them, sorted and managed to sell most of them. Some of the profit from this has been donated to the Ukraine disaster fund. A real feel good factor – stopping waste and helping those in need.

recycling cables
stopping landfill