We’re a family business

Code Genie began in April 2011, and we’re proud to have helped a wide range of clients since then! We’re a husband and wife team with help from our oldest son, Michael. We all enjoy a challenge, and have skills that compliment each other, so whatever your project might be we will have the ability to help you.


Malcolm is an experienced coder with 15 years experience. He has been a CTO for several companies and likes to make sure that technology is working to compliment the way a company works. He is also very skilled at fixing hardware, and provides on-site support for our clients.


Rebekah creates websites and tests new software to ensure everything works as it should. She’s always happy to support clients to ensure that they get the most out of their new website, and are comfortable about how to edit their site for themselves.


Michael is the youngest member of our team, as he’s our son. He is currently studying electronic and software¬†engineering at Glasgow University. He works on small software projects for us, and during the holidays he helps our clients with site visits and technology updates.