We’ve been very lucky, as we don’t need to advertise our services, word of mouth has provided us with a stream of lovely customers. It’s nice to know our existing customers trust us enough to recommend our services. You know when people think you’re good when they start thinking that you can fix anything, for example I’ve been asked if we can do anything about the weather (sadly we can’t as we don’t have divine powers), or politicians (the only way we could fix them is by joining them, and I’m not sure I want to do that!) or the road works outside the office (I think there are enough people working out there already…).

Things we can fix however are a big pile of computer parts that have been bought with the idea of building their own computer, then realizing it might not be as simple as they thought. Malcolm and Michael spent a happy afternoon assembling and updating to create a great gaming computer – and another happy customer. We can also fix a lovely new system such as the accountants software that we have just delivered. I suppose it’s a real compliment that people think we can do anything (and deliver it yesterday – sorry we don’t have a time machine!) It’s because Malcolm is an exceptional programmer, who is modest and forward thinking enough so that he’s fun to work with, and we work so well as a team.